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Super Green Juice

30 servings
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  • USDA Organic
  • Plant-Sourced Nutrition
  • No GMO Ingredients
  • QAI Certified Organic
    • Get all your healthy superfoods in one tasty scoop!
    • Super Green Juice gives your body 44 organic superfoods to alkalize, detox, energize and strengthen immunity.
    • With no added sugar and organic raspberry and apple flavors, it’s an organic greens juice free of the usual prep or cleanup.
    • View Super Green Juice Fact Sheet (PDF)

In an ideal world, every meal you eat would be filled with nutrient-rich superfoods that were grown organically.

In reality that doesn’t always happen. So getting 44 organic superfoods in one tasty juice is just what you need to feel great.

Simply mix a scoop of Super Green Juice with your favorite liquid, and drink in the goodness of natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

View Super Green Juice Fact Sheet (PDF)

With all your healthy superfoods inside, Super Green Juice is like taking nine supplements in one!

1. Vitamins & Minerals:
Get 100% natural vitamins and minerals straight from nutritious plants for the healthiest sources. No artificial vitamins here.

4. Detoxifier:
Support your body’s natural detox ability with chlorophyll-rich spirulina and chlorella, seaweeds and organic herbs.

7. Fiber:
Each serving gives you 3g of fiber to support heart and digestive health.

2. Alkalize:
Fight acidity and balance your body’s pH with organic greens, and 5 types of organic cereal grasses, from alfalfa to wheat.

5. Natural Energizer:
Organic ginseng, Matcha green tea and Rhodiola root give you natural long-lasting mental and physical energy.

8. Antioxidant:
Organic berries and veggies provide essential plant-based antioxidants to support heart and brain health.

3. Probiotic & Prebiotic:
Multiple strains of beneficial bacteria combine with prebiotics to cultivate good gut health and a settled tummy.

6. Immunity Builder:
Natural vitamin C supports immune health and 5 types of organic medicinal mushrooms strengthen immunity.

9. Digestive Enzymes:
Added enzymes support digestion. That means you get more nutrition and less uncomfortable belly bloat.

Super Green Juice is all your healthy superfoods in one tasty scoop. With no added sugar and organic raspberry and apple flavors, it’s a concentrated blast of nutrition with the convenience of a tasty juice.

Just what the doctor ordered.

“Super Green Juice has 44 organic superfoods to help alkalize, detox, energize and support immunity. It is near impossible to put together such healthy, organic superfoods in one formulation. It is an evolution and revolution in health.”
—Dr. Paul Moon, DNM, BSc

Supplement Facts

“Super Green Juice fills a major void—most people find it hard to get enough superfoods in their daily diet. As we age it is difficult to eat all our bodies need without gaining weight. This organic superfood juice powder will help to keep us trim and in dynamic health for many more years.”
—Darrel Hestdalen, DC, DIBAK, FASA

Is Super Green Juice gluten-free?

Super Green Juice comes with organic wheat grass and organic barley grass, which may have naturally-occurring gluten. The amount of gluten in cereal grass is far less than what is found in grains.

How many probiotics are in Super Green Juice?

There are 4 beneficial strains of bacteria in Super Green Juice and together they provide approximately 1 billion CFUs (colon forming units) for digestive health. In addition to probiotics, you’ll find a prebiotic (Jerusalem artichoke inulin) which nourishes healthy bacteria in the gut.

How much is a serving of Super Green Juice?

Each canister provides 30 servings (scoops). Each scoop is 10g of premium organic superfood juice powder that can be added to your favorite liquid. Mix it with water, juice, coconut water or a smoothie.

Is Super Green Juice low in heavy metals?

Yes. All of the organic superfoods in Super Green Juice must pass stringent quality control testing before being added to our premium juice blend. The ingredient review also includes testing for any heavy metals.

We’re happy to report that Super Green Juice has very low levels of heavy metals, and that the organic greens will support detoxification in the body.

Can I take Super Green Juice with Touchstone Essentials’ other whole food supplements?

With 44 organic superfoods, Super Green Juice delivers a concentrated blast of nutrition with the convenience of a tasty juice. It can be taken with all of our other whole food supplements.

Does Super Green Juice replace Essentials, Supergreens +D and Green Energy?

Super Green Juice does not replace Essentials, Supergreens +D or Green Energy which will continue to be available. These supplements offer targeted nutritional support and are optimal for those who don’t like juices.

Additionally, Supergreens +D provides essential vitamin D supplementation. And Green Energy provides high level of green tea and systemic proteolytic enzymes.

Super Green Juice can be taken on its own or with our other organic whole food supplements. It’s the perfect way to get a concentrated blast of nutrition with the convenience of a tasty juice.

Where do the flavors in Super Green Juice come from?

The flavors in Super Green Juice are made from organic raspberries and organic apples. Because they are in a concentrated powder form and are primarily used for taste we are required to label them as “flavors”. They are certified organic.

Is Super Green Juice ok during pregnancy?

As with any supplement, those pregnant or nursing should consult with their health care practitioner about their nutritional needs. Super Green Juice is filled with 44 superfoods to support health and vitality. It is certified organic, non-GMO and vegan.

Can children take Super Green Juice?

Yes. Super Green Juice is a whole-food based supplement that is safe for all ages. Just add a smaller portion to water, juice or a smoothie.

Is there any sugar in Super Green Juice?

There is no added sugar in Super Green Juice. There is 1 gram of natural sugar per serving which comes from the organic fruits and veggies inside.

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